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ezGallery 6.0

ezGallery Lite
For ElkArte 1.1.x and 1.0.x

A basic photo gallery system for ElkArte.
Comment System
Picture Approval
Reporting of Picture.
Permissions for adding/editing/approving/deleting and more
And much more...



Re: ezGallery 5.6

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!Fixed issue with PHP 7 not like the action index casted to string to fix.

Re: ezGallery 5.6

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Updated for Elkarte 1.1.x

Re: ezGallery 5.6

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Can't add categories and can't view the gallery page. Takes me straight to the index page of my forums

Type of error: Undefined
Notice: Undefined variable: scripturl
IN: /themes/default/languages/english/Gallery.english.php
Line: 296

Re: ezGallery 5.6

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Are you using the latest file posted above?

Re: ezGallery 5.6

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Are you using the latest file posted above?

Yes, I am using the latest file. Just to be sure it wasn't a problem with my elk arte install or configuration, I did a fresh install of elk art and installed the gallery and the downloads system. I am receiving the same error and the same results. I cannot go to the gallery page when I click on the link... It simply takes me to the forum index

Re: ezGallery 6.0

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Fixed the gallery  bug with gallery action on linux servers going to the main page instead of gallery. Been bugging me for a while. It was strange it worked on windows server.

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