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Dicussion Forum / Re: Profile change?
Last post by mgr -
Well - admins have usually all rights :D

Came to mind: normal users don't need gender and location :D or in latin: quod licet jovi non licet bovi
Dicussion Forum / Profile change?
Last post by mgr -
I tried several times to save my gender (male) and location (northernGermany) in my profile but after saving the values are always empty  >:( (In my own test forum (1.1.5 too) it works fine :P
Free Elkarte Addons and Modifications / Simple Audio Video Embedder
Last post by brianelk -
I have just installed Simple Audio Video Embedder and it says installed OK.

However how do I use it?!

Creating a new post does not show any new icons, code or a way of entering say the Youtube url of a video. There are no instructions so can someone who has made it work please advise? Thanks.
Simple Audio Video Embedder