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Free Elkarte Addons and Modifications / Simple Audio Video Embedder
Last post by brianelk -
I have just installed Simple Audio Video Embedder and it says installed OK.

However how do I use it?!

Creating a new post does not show any new icons, code or a way of entering say the Youtube url of a video. There are no instructions so can someone who has made it work please advise? Thanks.
Free Elkarte Addons and Modifications / Re: Download System Lite
Last post by tacticool -
I haven't seen a setting for that anywhere in my admin area. I know that it goes to the same page if I use /downloads or /gallery it will go to index.php?action=downloads or index.php?action=gallery but there is no gallery or downloads page there.... just the forum index

Weird that it doesn't do it on this site but it does it for me and AlexanderLiebrecht
Dicussion Forum / Re: What Elkarte Addons are you Looking for?
Last post by AlexanderLiebrecht -
Hi Developer,

would it be possible to adapt SMF addon called PrettyURLs for ElkArte or re-write?

All other FreeAddons I would like synonymous. If I'll need your Paid Addons, I can still consider whether the purchase can be worthwhile. Excitingly, your plan with the addons still hurts. Thank you.
Simple Audio Video Embedder