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Dicussion Forum / Re: What Elkarte Addons are you Looking for?
Options for mods:
Paid mods I have
SMF Gallery Pro which would be ezGallery Pro
SMF Classifieds
SMF Store
Download System Pro
Badge awards
awesome post ratings
AdSeller Pro

Free mods:
Auto Tweet Embed
SMF Links
SMF Articles
SMF Trader System
Profile Comments
Country Flags
Staff Page Mod
SMF Shop
Global Headers Footers
Thumbnail on topic listing
Welcome Topic
Quick ban on account delete.
Login Security

Open to others as well.

Free Elkarte Addons and Modifications / RSS Feed Poster
RSS Feed Poster

Addon Information:
For Elkarte 1.1.x and 1.0.x

Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.
You can either use a real cron job
Using the following file

Or you can run fake cron jobs via php

Allows multiple posting bots
Set Poster Name Or Member Id for the bot
Topic Prefix option
Option to lock topics
Option to enable/disable html in the feed post
Set the update time in minutes
Set how many items to get from the feed
Choose the forum for the feeds.
No duplicate posts. Posts are hashed and stored as a hash.

Big thanks to emanuele for the  HTML BBCode tag used in this mod.

Other mods can be found at
ezGallery Lite
Download System
Simple Audio Video Embeder
Registered Links
Free Elkarte Addons and Modifications / Download System Lite
Download System Lite
By: vbgamer45

Addon Information:
For Elkarte 1.1.x and 1.0.x

A complete download system for Elkarte.

Uploadable or linked downloads
Approval of downloads option
Reporting of downloads
Option to have comments on an download
Subcategory support
Ability to rate downloads
Who is viewing download or category
Category level permissions by membergroups
File space manager to see which users are using up the most space
Options to control category display settings
Options to control download display settings
Linking code options
Simple Audio Video Embedder