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Dicussion Forum / Re: What Elkarte Addons are you Looking for?
i think I seen request relating to mod for...
?smf store?  maybe... not online store for products per se, but like site money & spending it on the site, for things like role playing game site
profile comments

(i'd pay for this .. depending on license)
I'd like to see a good directory, (think yellow pages phone book)
w/ free & paid inclusion,
categories, locations/zipcodes & sortable/searchable.
and markable to denote... business (store front), independent/contractor, fed govt, local gov, and non profit

have it co-ordninate with a ad system... carosel ... for a paid ad, or included with listing, and a cutesousy inclusion
be real nice if could specify a time frame, and super nice if it had counter, and really really nice, a click counter.

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